Photograph of singer and harpist Holly Honeychurch playing in the Peak District National Park

Hi. I’m Holly. I play harp and I adore cats.

People find healing through my harp music. It’s a channel of goodness and light.

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I am so grateful you are here acknowledging the beauty and healing power of my music.

Thank you wonderful people. ✨

Photograph of harpist Holly Honeychurch with a swan in audience

If you’d like to hear my ethereal harp music, I’ve released two planetary albums Planets I & Planets II under the name La Navigatrice. Various ambient pieces are available on Cosmic Harp. I also play folk-inspired pieces.

I record the Meditation Lights podcast for your peace and refreshment. If you want to go deeper then my therapy courses on Insight Timer are for you. I’m also live streaming there.

I have two other podcasts, Late Nite Harp for music and Fun with Miss Honeychurch for children.

Or just read my blog. It’ll be fun having you around.

And, once upon a time, I had a magical musical meeting with a swan...

Here’s more about me.