Holly Honeychurch Harp Therapy

5 Minute Sparkle

This is a 30 day course of 5 minute empowering meditations.

Included is a little booklet of nourishing lessons, charming ideas, positive affirmations and curious questions.

Listen to this course to uplift your mood and leave you grounded and self-empowered. Each day includes positive affirmations to build inner strength from and high vibrational healing harp music to help your aura shine.

The mission of this course is simple, clear your mind of anxiety and uplift your spirit. You will be left feeling happy and in harmony with your own inner knowing through high vibrational words and healing harp music.

Repeat these strengthening words throughout your day so they become a healing, nourishing mantra or prayer. The power of positive affirmations means you will feel centered, aligned and focused.

As well as wonderful words there is a short piece of bright, healing harp music. A harp sparkle if you will. So, if you’re feeling chaotic, the harp music will help you relax and unwind. If you’re worried about something, the music will promote peace and tranquility. The harp sparkle is there to remind you of your connection to divine, angelic realms; realms of protection, light and love.

The music only tracks are included with this album, each is a precious, sacred gem of a listen.